Pebble + Mio Link


Hey, look! I remembered that the server humming away in my living room hosts a place for me to post things! And the thing I’m going to post tonight relates to exercise and tracking results. Last year I got back […]


Everything is cooler with NFC!

I recently had the idea of putting flyers under my coffee table’s glass top so I don’t forget about upcoming events, and then I decided to put takeout menus for my favourite restaurants under there as well. Tonight, while deciding […]


Coffee Table Hack

My coffee table has a transparent glass top. I frequently end up with flyers for things I might want to go to. I put 2 and 2 together and decided that putting the flyers under the glass top will keep […]


Back at it

This has been an on & off project of mine for way too long, but I’ve started getting some momentum on it again, and I’m excited! I’m taking the beat up old 1973 Honda CB-350 Twin in the picture and […]


Mission Accomplished!

After pretty much an entire weekend of iterating on design ideas, I landed on this setup and am happy with the camera angle it gives me. Video example here I checked out Shapeways and their pricing looks decent enough, so […]


Necessity is the mother of me desperately wanting a 3D printer

At the end of December, I got my grubby little paws on a helmet-cam (thanks Dad!). My first instinct for this thing, because I can never leave objects to their intended uses, was to find places other than a helmet […]


I made a F’ing Android Homescreen Widget

I was perusing Good Fucking Design AdviceĀ on Sunday afternoon and thought that I’d really like having their snippets of smart, blunt advice in an always-on, regularly updated window somewhere. I quickly decided that the ideal place would be a homescreen […]

Back again

Well, I’ve once again decided it would be useful to have my server online. So…. here we go. One more (hopefully not) neglected blog site on ye olde www. I may or may not keep things up to date here […]